Surefire Tips to Selling Your Mobile Home Faster

Mobile homes have become increasingly popular in recent times. Consequently, the market seems to be booming. While there are some that are looking to buy a mobile home, others have mobile houses to sell.

If selling a mobile home is your concern, below are some tips on how to sell a manufactured home fast.

De-Clutter your home

This is the first and probably the most important of all the tips. It is not strange to see mobile homes that are full of junk, and this could quickly turn off a potential buyer. This is particularly true if the buyer will be living in the house. Your potential buyer will be picturing their stuff in the home, making it even more imperative to clear the home and make it as tidy as possible.

Clearing out your mobile home can be sometimes stressful. However, having a yard sale or advertising your wares on the internet will be a right way of getting rid of your clutter. It can also be an efficient way of letting people know that you want to sell your mobile home.

Talk to your Park Manager

Talking to your park manager serves multiple purposes. The first of such benefits is that your park manager is in a better position to get potential buyers for the home. This is so as he deals with such buyers all day every day. Park managers receive calls and emails from people asking about the availability of mobile homes. Therefore, it is advised that you speak to your park manager about selling your mobile home.

Another benefit of talking to your park manager as regards selling your mobile home is that it is required for the buyer to qualify to live in the park. Consequently, your park manager needs to be involved in the sale of your mobile home. Being proactive with this will make the process easier for yourself and the buyer.

The third benefit of talking to the park manager is that it makes it easier to sell the home while protecting you from any fees that might result from not notifying the park on time. Most parks require a 30-day notice to vacate the lot. Therefore, it is advised that you talk to your park manager to avoid being penalized.

Advertise the sale

This is an obvious tip that should be implemented by anyone that intends to sell a mobile home. A simple “for sale” sign on the mobile home tells everyone around that you mean selling your home. While the need for privacy cannot be overemphasized, it is essential to notify the public about the intending sale of the house.

It might also be advisable to take the “sell my mobile home” campaign to the internet, as this helps you to reach a wider audience. The tips highlighted below will be helpful in advertising your home.

  • Put a legible “For Sale by Owner” sign
  • Ensure your numbers are big and bold
  • Make flyers for your home

The advertising tips mentioned above will help you sell your home faster. The flyers discussed above do not have to be in color or fancy. However, it is advised that you have the necessary information on the flyer, as well as your phone number. Give some of the flyers to your park manager and also give them to everyone in the park. In most cases, you will eventually sell to a friend or a relative of someone who lives in the park. The more people know about the availability of your home, the higher your chances of selling the house faster.

For internet ads, Craigslist and Postlets will go a long way in helping you spread the word about your home. Both sites are free and allow you to post pictures, giving potential buyers a better view of the house.

One more tip to keep in mind when trying to sell a mobile home is to ensure the price is realistic. While you might be looking to make some money off the sale of the house, it is advised that you price the home moderately to avoid a long wait.

The tips mentioned above will go a long way in helping you sell your home fast and at a reasonable price.