Present Time with Pheromones

No one would develop any serious interest after listening to those kinds of guys talking only about “pheromones”. The present time is never less important than any hypothetical future. You have a chance to impress a woman NOW, and to do something special to win her heart. Miss this chance—and any future of you together will NOT ever exist with pheromone production! These men have invested all their efforts in pleasing the agency, so the agency is happy.They did nothing impressive or TRULY special for any female, so they have no loving relationship. They remain lonely and unhappy, but for some reason still follow the same old “losing plan” over and over, for years and years for greater human pheromones. Often, agencies insist on making women “happy” only with things that bring a profit to the agency. Learn more at and

They never ask a woman exactly how she wants to be made happy—or if it makes her happy at all—to see a man acting completely stupidly, wasting his money caring for the agency, instead of showing her any real care about natural pheromone production. According to some agencies, a man must try to impress a girl exceptionally with very expensive (and quite useless) “surprises,” sent to her through THEIR site! Being desperate to manipulate the male clients, and to minimize chances for men to be chosen by good women (then stop paying their dating service bills), some shrewd agencies insist that if a man has spent even a small amount (as little as €10) directly on a girl, to support her in anything, he must immediately report to the agency and accuse her of being a scammer. Then the woman is required to explain herself for true pheromones! All this occurs while the agencies skillfully, hypocritically and cynically “forget” to explain their own clear scams—like why the fees charged to foreigners for all of their services are several times more expensive than their actual costs (sometimes up to 20 times more expensive than what would be normal in that country!). They “forget” to report why they charge foreigners four times as much for a taxi, than it really costs in that country. . . why they grossly overcharge for gifts (such as bouquets of flowers, sweets, or stuffed toys) by up to 20 times more than it is possible to buy it in that country, etc. They are probably just “hesitant” to admit their own greed and schemes, and prefer to hide the back-alley truth about them for real pheromones. In Europe people have a saying: “They see small splinters in the eyes of others, but never even recognize huge logs in their own eyes!” Agencies look elsewhere for every little fault, while they mask their own manipulation. Their strategy is to intensely poke at “smaller slivers in women’s eyes”—as a trick to divert men’s attention from “piles of logs in their own eyes.” Huge numbers of men get caught in these tricky agencies’ traps, even though the truth is so clear and easy to find out. Learn more at

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