Data not backed up

Accidentally disabled my fiance’s iphone 5 when trying to gain access to it as described at She has some incredibly valuable photos on there which were not backed up to icloud or a restore point done in a while on the phone. I tried to update but I still cannot gain access – just says to connect to iTunes. I havent reset the phone so not sure if the data can be recovered. The phone shows in windows explorer with but as I cannot allow my pc to view the files I cant actually copy or view them. Is there any way we can recover the photos?

Can you recover data from USB drive that is not recognisable on a pc or any other device

My “WD My passport” external hard drive could not find several folders suddenly. At the beginning, I could not find one folder and lost all files in that folder. Now I could not find several important folders. I used data recovery software to recover deleted files and it said damaged area found . If continue, those data may lose. So I ask if I can find my files?

I Have two x 3TB seagate Baracuda external hard drives use for my iMac back up. HD Model number ST3000DMOO1 photos and film files. all personal files home use. one x unit has stoped working tries to power up for 3/4 seconds then just goes quite. no light no sound. age i think these are now about three years old

iPhone 6S My phone is stuck on apple logo. been this way for 5 days. Paid for Dr. Fone even and it didn’t work. Tried updating the phone with itunes and i think i’m only advised to restore it. But that means I’d lose my photos from the past 3 weeks that havent been backed up. I never backup, but photos and videos are the most important. Was considering restoring and then using a data recovery program. But what do you recommend and could you detail all the cost. Not sure if it’s worth it. I’m not reachable at my number for this reason.

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