TAICHI PANDA GUIDE: Useful tips and tricks

Taichi Panda

In this guide to Taichi Panda I summarize some useful tips and tricks together. Basically it comes down to, to increase the Might of character, plus there are many ways.

Anyone still in its infancy, the should read the classes in the game profile Taichi Panda. Basically, the differences are actually not very big – the different special moves differ but, but purely playful, the difference is not at all times too big.


Since it is a hack’n’slash game at Taichi Panda Cheats, you could actually accept that you should tap the touch screen as often as possible to perform quick strikes, just as one example, has always pushed as quickly as possible the mouse buttons at Diablo to strike. However, it is sufficient in Taichi Panda, touching the attack button permanently – the character will automatically switch to the next opponent and sets in this way continuing its combo. Only if you want to perform a special attack or want to adjust the attack entirely because all shall look are you should release the attack button.

Taichi Panda chest


Every 48 hours you get an epic treasure chest under the menu item Treasure. Here are always very useful items in it, which is why you should let the bonus not miss. For the payment currency, ie diamonds, the chest can also open more often. Who wants to pay nothing, which should set an alarm or an alert entered in his calendar when the next epic Free Chest is due. At first this sounds exaggerated, but it is really worth! Considering also that the timer is reset only if you pick the chest who thinks so: “Wait two weeks, and tap massive epic chests”, which will be sorely disappointed. Imagine the clock and only briefly into the game to open the chest, if you just did not want to play this game.

In addition to treasure there are still plenty of other bonuses to dust. Respect the menu simply on the menu icons. If there is a golden number is off, then there is something to tap (online bonuses, login bonuses, Missionary bonuses Facebook Share bonuses, etc.)